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Wink App for iOS: In the current generation camera and editing software are raging at high competition in providing high-quality output. Also, the new wave of AI editing tools has been a great competitor for these editing tools. The mobile camera plays an important role for any public figure or for any social media icon.

They require a great quality camera, but all cameras can’t provide standard features. So many creators on social media use photo editing software which just easily enhances the footage or image to a better quality. Moreover, AI blended editing tools are also trending on social media to provide good quality services. Wink App is also a similar kind of photo editing software that promises to deliver high-standard images.

Wink App for iOS

About Wink App for iOS

Wink application is a photo editing software that is dedicatedly developed for iOS users. The Wink app just toggles your low-quality images, or videos into a standard quality. The app mainly been a trending software ever since its release because of its powerful editing capability.

This modern photo editing app has several useful features that help to produce a better-quality image. Every photographer, video editor, and digital creator can use this app to create upgraded and eye-boggling images and videos.

The effects, beautification, and other features are the highlighting point of this application. Further, the Wink app is also available in a free version and also available in a premium version. You can enjoy the premium version by selecting appropriate subscription plans. 

Wink App for iOS Features

The Wink app provides several features for its users. Here is the detailed list of features below. 

Quality Restoration: Wink app easily converts a low-quality image into a high-quality and clear image, one of the highlighting features. 

AI repair: The app is coupled with AI technology. It enhances the image quality such as saturation, brightness, and many more with the help of AI. 

AI Removal: The integrated AI feature in Wink helps you to remove unnecessary objects, or things present in the frame easily, with just simple clicks. 

AI Anime: With the help of AI, you can turn your desired image into an anime filter. The process takes simply choosing an appropriate filter. 

Video editor: The app can do multitasking, where you can easily edit your video and also add great filters, effects, and many more using Wink. 

Retouch: The app easily enhances the image by using the retouch feature where you can remove, or make changes in the present image. Retouch is one of the latest and trending features of the Wink app. 

Meme GIF: If you are a content creator and a meme creator, then Wink is a suitable application. It allows you to create memes and GIFs using the Wink app.

Apart from the above-mentioned features, wink provides some more features like Background Expansion, Flicker, AI subtitles, night view, auto beauty, text-to-speech, 3D photos, and many more hidden features available in this single application. 

Wink App for iPhone

How to Download and Install Wink App For iOS? 

The Wink app is one of the popular applications, and here is a detailed step to download and install it on your iOS. 

  • In your iOS you can find the Apple’s App Store. 
  • Now search for the Wink Enhancing tool in the search engine of the App Store. 
  • You will find the result on your screen, which you can easily download.
  • After the app is downloaded it will appear on your homepage, and now you are set to use it. 

Note: Sometimes the app won’t work, in such instances, you should download a suitable VPN to run the app smoothly. 


Can I download the Wink App on Android?

No, you cannot directly download the Wink app on your Android app. 

What is the device compatibility for the Wink app?

The Wink app supports on 12.0 and above version of iOS.

Can I upgrade the video quality using the Wink app?

Yes, the Wink app supports both photos and videos, hence you can add features of Wink to your videos too.


The Wink app is one of the most popular applications designed for iPhone, Mac, iPad, and iPod touch users. The app provides a wide range of features, and any content creator and photographer can use this new application productively. The installation, and use of this wink are super easy. The Wink app for iOS has features that function along with AI technology.

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