Wink Vs CapCut | Which is the Best Editing Tool [2024]

The demand for video content is increasing rapidly all over the world. Even big companies are doing video marketing and there are a lot of opportunities in video content. Video editing has become a very popular skill and if you also want to learn this skill then you need good editing software so here we are comparing the two very best Android video editing applications that are Wink and CapCut. These two powerful AI-backed editing tools come with several unique and advanced features that no other app offers.

Nowadays, everyone actively uses social media and most of them create videos on social media such as Instagram Reel, Shorts, and YouTube Videos. To make your video viral on social media, your video must be edited professionally and it requires good editing software. In our modern world, we don’t need premium PC video editing software to edit professional videos because the latest AI-based video editing tools applications have advanced features and editing tools for free of cost.

The best thing about Wink and CapCut is that you can download both apps for free of cost. You can use both of these apps on your device but if you want to find out which one is better than this is the best comparison article where we have cover various aspects of this app.

Wink Vs CapCut

Wink Vs CapCut – Which One is Better?

If you want to create industry-level videos in 4K video quality but you don’t have a budget to buy premium software then don’t be worried because there are a few good video editing apps available for free that you can use to editing high quality videos without spending any money. Wink is one of the most popular video editing apps that is developed by developed by Meitu Limited. CapCut is very similar to Wink as it is also designed to edit short-form videos and it is developed by ByteDance which is the same company that owned TikTok.

iOS Compatibility✅ (Yes)✅ (Yes)
Text & Stickers✅ (Yes)✅ (Yes)
Templates✅ (Yes)✅ (Yes)
Keyframe Animation❌ (No)✅ (Yes)
AI-Powered Effects✅ (Yes)❌ (No)
Built-in Music Library✅ (Yes)✅ (Yes)
Photo Editing & Retouching✅ (Yes)❌ (No)
No Watermark✅ (Yes)✅ (Yes)
Premium Features✅ (Yes)✅ (Yes)
4K Video Output✅ (Yes)✅ (Yes)
CapCut Vs Wink

In-Depth Comparison Between Wink and CapCut?

It would be biased to say that WInk is better or CapCut is better because both of these apps are very good and they have own advantages and disadvantages. This article will help you to find out which one is better for you because the requirements of each user can be different so read the whole comparison section carefully so that you can easily find out which one meets your requirements in the best way. Here’s the true comparison started and we have compared various aspects of these video editing apps including the interface, design, layout, features, templates, filters & effects, and many more.

User Interface

Wink and CapCut both are designed to edit short-form videos so both of these apps works in portrait mode. Wink offers an organized interface and all the features are placed at the bottom navigation bar for easy access. On the other hand, CapCut provides a similar interface and it offers clarity for users to easily understand the function of each tools and features which reduce confusion and instability. However, it is individual choice which one you like the most and which is easy to use as per your requirements.

Video Editing Tools

Wink offers hundreds of video editing tools and features that help you to create professional-looking videos. It heavily uses artificial intelligence facial detection technology to apply the filters, effects, and other editing tools perfectly on the video. CapCut is slightly ahead when it comes to video editing tools because it has a few extra features including precise timeline control and keyframe animation.

Photo Editing

Wink APK has a clear advantage when it comes to photo editing because CapCut is primarily for video editing and it does not carry any native feature for photo editing but Wink has many advanced photo editing tools that are comparable to Remini, the most trending photo editing app in 2024. Using, wink you can enhance the photo quality, retouch the image, and create a social media-ready photo.

Pre-Designed Templates

Wink offers an unlimited collection of templates as many new and trending templates are regularly added to this app. When you tap on the templates option, it suggests the best possible templates considering your video and makes your work very easy to choose the best template. CapCut is on another level when it comes to the templates because it offers a vast collection of pre-designed templates and you can use these templates to create a viral short video within a few clicks.

Video Rendering & Output Quality

In the Wink App, you can adjust the video quality from up to 2K and the frame rate from up to 60 FPS. If you’re creating a 10-second video then you can convert it to a GIF with this app. As soon as you’re done editing with the CapCut, tap on the export button and adjust the video and FPS as per your preference and you can also enable the Smart HDR feature to enhance the video quality.

Pros & Cons of Wink and CapCut

Pros & ConsWinkCapCut
Pros1. Body Shape Adjustment Capability
2. Advanced Facial Retouching & Makeup
3. Trending Pre Designed Templates
4. Multiple Layer Editing Support
5. Allow to Edit Photos like a pro
1. Simple and Easy-to-Understand Interface
2. It offers a Keyframe animation feature for dynamic transitions and effects
3. Unlimited templates, filters and effects
4. Wide range of text, stickers, and overlays compared to Wink
5. Integrated Music Library with free soundtracks.
Cons1. Limited advanced editing tool compared to CapCut
2. Struggle to export large videos in 4K
3. Limited options for audio customization
4. There is no option to customize the export file format
5. Less control over transition and effects
1. You can only export video in MP4 Format.
2. Unlike Wink, you can’t edit photos with this app.
3. Some features require a stable internet connection.
4. Consumes a lot of storage space.
5. Can’t create or edit 3D or VR content.

Availability of Wink and CapCut

Wink and CapCut is mainly used on mobile devices and both of these apps are compatible with Android and iOS devices. Wink and CapCut is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. You can download both of these apps for free from the official app stores of Android and iOS devices. If you want to use Wink and CapCut on PC for a better editing experience on a bigger screen then we recommend using an Android Emulator for easy installation. With the help of Android Emulator, you will be able to install Wink and CapCut on Windows and MAC devices.

Paid Plans of Wink and CapCut

Wink Apk offers most of the features of free but if you want to unlock all the advanced features and customization settings then upgrade to the premium version by purchasing any of these plans.

Video EditorMonthly1 Month1 Year
CapCut Premium lets you unleash the complete potential of this powerful video editor app. Here are some of the most popular paid plans details.
Video EditorMonthlySubscription – 7 days FreeOne-month PROTemplate Editing


Is Wink and CapCut a Paid App?

Wink and CapCut both are free applications. You don’t need to spend money for downloading and installing this app on your device. Most of the features of these apps are available for free but some advanced features are only for paid or premium users.

Does CapCut Still Works in 2024?

Yes, CapCut works absolutely fine, and all the features, filters and templates are still accessible.

Is Wink and CapCut Available on the Google Play Store?

Wink and CapCut are available on Google Play Store but these apps are banned from some regions but you can easily download Wink Apk from our website (

Is Wink Better Than CapCut?

It is hard to say that Wink is better than CapCut because these apps come with their own merits and demerits so you have to know your requirements and then choose the best app that fulfills all your requirements with flying colors.


So that was the full comparison between the two most popular video editing application that are Wink and CapCut. We have tried our best to compare these two apps in the simplest form so that you can easily figure out which one is better for you. We have not claimed that Wink is better or CapCut is better because it is totally up to you and your needs. So, first, be clear about your needs and requirements then read the full comparison, and at the end, you will easily understand which one fulfills your needs in the best way possible.

If you are still confused about which one to pick then simply download both of these apps and use them for one month so that you will get to experience their advantages and disadvantages and then you can easily pick the best one for your experience.

Hope this article was helpful you to in choosing the best video editor app. Thanks for reading till the end!

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