Wink Vs Remini | Which One is The Best Photo Retouching App

Wink and Remini are very advanced and modern AI editing tools that allow users to retouch photos using powerful artificial intelligence editing tools and features. Remini is used to convert old and blurry images into sharp and detailed photos within a matter of seconds. Wink is an all-in-one editing tool allow users to enhance the image quality and also edit the image professionally by adding text, stickers, and filters. In this article, the Wink Vs Remini comparison will help you to figure out which one is better for your requirements.

Wink Vs Remini

What is Wink

Wink is a photos and video editing tool so you can edit photos and videos both with this one application. It offers advanced features like templates, retouch, facial makeup, dark spot removal, body shape changer, fill light, filters, frames, overlays, and effects. Wink heavily utilizes the latest AI technology that helps users to easily apply all the changes with perfection maintains the natural look of the image and enhances the quality.

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What is Remini

Remini is based on the state of art AI technology that allows you to unblur and enhance the quality of the image. A lot of times when we capture photos, the pose, background, and lighting are good but the image got captured a little bit shaky. This usually happens when capturing photos with the night mode so you can use this Remini AI photo enhancer app to improve the photo quality, increase sharpness, and reduce the shakiness of the image.

Wink Vs Remini Comparison

Main Differences Between Wink and Remini

The Wink and Remini apps each possess distinctive attributes that set them apart from each other. Both apps offer unique features, which highlight the considerable differences in functionality between the two. Herein lies an overview of these key disparities, effectively demonstrating how they diverge in their respective offerings.

User interface

Remini app offers a very simple and easy to understand interface so even if you’re not good in photo editing, you won’t face much difficulty understanding the app features and its straightforward interface allow users to properly utilize its full potential. Wink App is an advanced editing tool and it has more options and tools than Remini so it may be more difficult to use compared to the Remini App.


The purpose of the Wink and Remini App is completely different from each other so this comparison is not about which one is best, it is actually about which one is better for your requirements. If you want to unblur your blurry or shaky images, want to see yourself as your younger version or older version using AI and want to create your own cartoon photos then Remini is the perfect app. But Wink can adjust the body shape and facial customization and add filters, text, and overlays in the photo. Therefore, the use case scenario of Wink and Remini is very different that makes it an apple and orange comparison.

Create Cartoon Image

Do you want to see yourself as a cartoon character? Using the Remini App, you can convert any human image into a cartoon character. Simply, tap on the AI photos option and choose the cartoon image style then upload your photo. Now, the image will be ready within a few seconds and your AI cartoon avatar will be created. This is not possible to do with the Wink Photo Retouching tool.

Create Age Timelapse

Remini possesses the capability to generate a time-lapse video that showcases your age progression, enabling you to witness your evolution and transformation over time. Utilizing state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence technology, Remini expertly curates these montages with precision and expertise. The user-friendly process merely entails uploading your photos, upon which it efficiently analyzes facial features to craft a comprehensive age time-lapse composition from infancy through old age.

Adjust Body Shape

Utilizing the Wink App allows you to modify aspects of your body shape and facial characteristics, including elements such as eyes, hair, nose, teeth, amongst others. The capacity to amplify or diminish waist size offers an avenue for image transformation. This is made feasible by its sophisticated Artificial Intelligence system operating behind the scenes in order to facilitate these customizations. Please note that such a feature for modifying body shape is not currently available within the Remini App.

Pre-Designed Templates

The Wink App provides an extensive array of templates, enabling users to enhance photos with a simple few taps. Users are encouraged to select their preferred template resulting in a comprehensive transformation of their chosen photograph. This feature is particularly advantageous for novice photo editors or those less familiar with advanced editing tools and features.

Wink Vs Remini – Pros and Cons

Wink and Remini are advanced editing tools but both of these apps comes with their own benefits and drawbacks which you should consider before picking any one of them.

Wink’s Pros and Cons

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  • Wide Range of Filters and Effects
  • AI-Powered Features that automate enhancements
  • Creative Tools such as stickers, text overlays and body shape changers
  • It is all in one editing tool for photos and videos
  • Hundreds of pre-built templates for easy editing
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  • Some filters and effects are only for paid users
  • Doesn’t allow users to change file format while exporting
  • Constant internet connectivity is required to use templates, filters and a few other features
  • Limited language support

Remini’s Pros and Cons

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  • Enhance old and blurry images to high-quality picture
  • It has fewer options than Wink which makes it easy to use
  • It allows users to selectively enhance specific parts or areas in the photo for precise editing
  • Its advanced AI does all the work automatically, there is no skill needed to use this app
  • Remini app received regular updates, adding new features and bug fixes
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  • Users have limited control over some photo enhancement features offered by this app
  • Remini free version does contain ads which can be distracting for users
  • Remini is a photo enhancer tool, not an editing tool so it does not have features like stickers, text and filters
  • It does not enhance large size videos
  • The official version of Remini contain watermark

Final Words

So that was all about Wink Vs Remini. we have endeavored to delineate the distinguishing features in the most understandable way. Our intention has been to help each individual discern what application aligns best with their personal needs. The range of problems solved by Wink and Remini vary significantly; therefore it is crucial that you possess a clear understanding of your precise requirements for suitable selection. By doing so, this will facilitate a more straightforward decision-making process when choosing between these two solutions.

If you still have any questions to ask about Wink and Remini, feel free to contact us or leave a comment below.

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